I knew a girl

she came from a war,

was wearing her helmet

still under her arm,

tried to forget

what happened to her,

hoping that nobody

would try to refer.


what did she doing what happened to her?

why did she do it what happened to her? 


she kept her hurricane

and stept in a car,

driving, forgetting

what happened so far,

escaping, flying far to the ocean,

struggling, pushing away scaring emotions.

she stood under pressure,

their terror was blank,

their weapon had spoken,

they tried her to crank.


she kept a warrior,

but sometimes she cries,

when she's hearing their weeping

between the tides.


girl fever!


when she met that girl

who came from a star,

her ancestors did calling her,

they sent her from far.

they felt her time coming,

their spirit was clear

her soul was a weaver

she didn't know fear.


they were changing their wisdom

they could understand,

were taking their fortune

in each others hand.


girl fever!



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