my secret monkeytail

if i had got tail, as extension of my spine, a tail to wag, when i'm happy to see you, a tail to climb, a tail to fight... if i had got a tail as extension of my spine, i would have been happy.

that's why i've become a genetic engineer. the aim of my work: to find the human monkeytailgen and to reactivate it. difficult only to find out which gen the tailgen is and how to reactivate it. it's also difficult to have enough money to answer this important question. after 23 years of hard scientific work i was able to locate the tailgen... ok... i've never found out how to reactivate. for sure this would have taken 23 years again and i would have died after twenty years. i unfortunatly never had the luck, to have a tail and like this i missed it my whole life. to belive there will be a tail growing after your death this you can forget. after death there won't be anything growing.

despite this i had of course an assistant, who was as fascinated as me by monkeytails. she went on with our work and three years later there was really growing a monkeytail at her back. after one year it had a length of twenty centimeter and after three years it was two meters. i'm sure she was happy with her tail. but she was afraid to show it anyone. she restarted wearing skirts and squatted a higher house. she collected new furniture and bought some stuff to make trainig with her tail. but at home and in the forest she risked to show her tail - when she was alone.

she swung from tree to tree. like this she was able to move almost invisibly. she was happy with her tail, but she got sad of being silent about it. she really was afraid of showing it to someone and this had causes, good causes: when she started her selfattempt she had a boyfriend. he laughed, when she told him about, and he said his expecting the day. but when he remarked that it worked, he somehow must have got paranoia of infection. at least this could have been possible, the hormon of reactivation was also in her saliva. he ran away. since then she was afraid, someone could remark [the tail].

if there is something you like the most about yourself, 'cause it makes you different, yet you can't show it to anyone... just imagine how this must be. makes you going to start to hate the others. maybe she needs a monkeytail support group, but something like this, she would have had to produce herself first. i only can't understand what should be so embarrassing about a monkeytail: it's a very erotical and practical part of the body. imagine what you could do with it, if you had one...

but after three years she was so tired of the silence, she had to show it to someone. it happened accidentally, when she was at a concert. she was dancing, when she was thirsty. she saw a friend who had got a beer. there were about two meters between them. and then with her tail she took the bottle away and then she hid it again and drunk the beer. the friend had to laugh and asked what happened. she showed it to her in the toilet. she liked it, she touched it, she kissed it. it was a very beautiful feeling. they went to the forest, where they swung from tree to tree. they came to a small block, where was hanging a bed right in the top of the building, wrapped by a cool monkeytail hanging, kissing, caressing.

this night changed everything. after that night she still didn't have the courage to show it in public, but she showed it to many friends. only a few ran away. she used it for shop lifting and for steal the markers at the concerts. nobody remarked it. some people also wanted monkeytails. all of them hid it. but soon after there were the first parties for tailwearers and the first children were born and first razzias against the clubs of the mutants. religious parties wanted to prohibit the selfmanipulation. there were also monkeybashers, who wanted to cut away the tails. i hope soon we accept, that there are people existing with tails.

text and traduction lisalottA giftig.
thanks to liz for her correction of this traduction.